What Is True Communication ?

Uezu Marino
Okinawa Catholic Middle School

Modern living has given people every convenience. People can go to a convenience store to buy a cheap dinner for one, do their banking, or even buy tickets for concerts. They can use their I-phone or Smartphone to connect with the internet or their friends and family. People only have to use a little machine and they can have anything they want. Is this communication? Is this true communication?

First, the word communication is defined in Merriam Websterfs Collegiate Dictionary as: 1. the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information as by speech, signals, writing or behavior. And 2. Inter-personal rapport. So, a person must make contact with another person to communicate with them. Most commonly a person has to make visual or vocal contact to communicate. However, recently communication has changed, and it is felt that this change can only harm our true social network. Let me take this opportunity to communicate to you who are here today what is happening to communication and why we must work hard to change the current trend.

Do you know what a gthumb marriageh is? This type of marriage between two people is called Oyayubikon in Japanese. In this type of marriage couples only use their thumbs to text email messages to each other. Does this sound strange? Or are you thinking how convenient. There is no personal contact between husband and wife. They do not have to deal with the presence of their marriage partner, if they are busy or do not want to gtalkh. By gtalkingh, I mean sending an email message. Communication is sent through a machine as a written message.

Recently, life has become very easy to live, if you have some means. Social Networking Services such as Facebook, Twitter, Lines, and even the now senior citizen email have allowed us to meet and befriend people all over the world. We can keep in touch with each other so conveniently. I fell in love with this concept. Everything electronic became good and a necessity. I needed to tweet my friends, update my Facebook page and so forth. Then, something happened.

I saw an article in the news. The article said that a library, a paperless library, was being built in the United States. I could not believe my eyes. Not only because I love books and I love to read, but because we will have to connect with a machine to read about the achievements of man. The paperless library will only be the beginning. Next paperless schools will appear, and then a paperless society. All life and living will revolve around a machine. This sounds like a bad script for a Hollywood movie. No human contact, no speech, no communication can occur.

Please think for a moment, why do humans have a mouth and vocal chords? The answer is so that we can communicate with each other. What is the difference between humans and animals? We can use words to express ourselves.

Also, do not rely on Facebook, Twitter or even email to communicate your thoughts. Look at the person you are truly trying to communicate with and use your mouth to say what you want to say.

Thank you for letting me express my thoughts on true communication with you today.

(3-30 Speech in 65th Contest, 2013)

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