The Hand of God

Miyuki Matayoshi
Okinawa Catholic Middle School

Have you heard of the television program gGodfs Handh? It is a special program about special doctors. I believe the purpose of this program is to inspire the youth of Japan to become doctors. A doctor who was showcased in one episode was Dr. Fukushima, a very famous brain surgeon. He is based in Japan, but works on very difficult cases in hospitals all over the world. I was so amazed to see him helping patients with very severe diseases to recover their normal lives. Dr. Fukushima has inspired me to become a doctor.

I am fifteen years old right now and I am seriously considering my career path. Different people have different reasons for wanting to become a doctor. I want to become a doctor for three reasons, helping patients, serving mankind, and facing the challenge of others.

First, I want to become a surgeon like Dr. Fukushima to help my patients. Just by performing an operation, he can change the lives of his patients. The patients can recover their everyday lives and live normally. They can be happy and know what it is to live again. I want to be the one who gives my patients back their lives to live. I cannot think of a more precious gift than the gift of life.

As a young woman, I know that serving mankind is part of who I am. Women are the only ones who can bear children, bringing human life into our world. I can only hope that the children I raise will go on to benefit our society. Becoming a doctor in Japan, I can help to reduce the decline in doctors. The Tohoku earthquake and tidal wave has placed a great stress on the doctoring profession. Many doctors were killed. The lack of doctors means that many patients will have to suffer because they cannot receive prompt treatment. So, I plan to serve mankind in two ways, by having children and becoming a doctor.

Lastly, becoming a doctor will mean facing the challenge of others. I understand that it will be very difficult for me to get into the medical department of a university. I must study hard to pass the entrance examinations. My dream has placed me under a large amount of pressure. An unexpected challenge has come from my own family. Every day my father asks me, gCan you really be a doctor?h and he replies to his own question, gI donft think so.h I do not think he is trying to prevent me from becoming a doctor. He is challenging me to study more effectively. He is telling me the dream of becoming a doctor is a nice dream, but to become a doctor requires great effort and I face many challenges. I must know in my heart that I want to be a doctor. He is worried. He is my father. I understand.

My dream has become my goal. I hope everyone here has long and healthy lives. But, if an emergency arises I will be there by your side as your doctor.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

(4-20 Speech in 63rd Contest, 2011)

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