The Way of Expressing Our Opinions

Gaku Isobe
Yoshimi Middle School

@@ These shoulders hold up so much, they won't budge,

I'll never fall or fold up

Even if my collar bones crush or crumble,

I will never slip or stumble

Have you ever listened to music like this ? It's Rap music. I love Rap music ! It is very cool. When I am listening to the songs, I feel good and I 'm excited. But my mother doesn't like it. She always says,gTheir songs are critical and their words are not beautiful. Some people don't like it, either.h Maybe some of her points are true, but I don't agree with her. The most important reason why I like rap music is that rap musicians have their opinions and they try to tell them to many people. Rap music teaches me the importance of having my opinions and of trying to tell them to others. Since I've known rap music, I've found it interesting that someone tells his opinions and feelings to many people.

Let me tell you two examples.

Takeshi Kitano expresses his opinions with his movies.@gHANA-BIhis his famous movie. It tells of the human heart's experience with violence. In his movies, the violence is very realistic. When I watch his movies, I can think of what violence is, and I can know that violence is bad. He doesn't use many words. But by just watching his movies, I can understand his opinions.

gI'm Japanese.h This was said by Ryoma Sakamoto who was a very famous samurai at the end of Tokugawa shogunate. Now we say that easily, but at that time no one said this. There were about 300 clans in Japan, like Chousyu Clan and Satsuma Clan.@The clan was called the country. Ryoma was from Tosa Clan. Many battles between clans were breaking out. Which clans he belonged was very important. If someone were to ask,gWhat is your nationality ?h, he would answer,gI am Satsuma-Jin.h But Ryoma didn't say like that.@He said,gI'm Japanese.h When I heard this story, I was shocked. He was great. Because he was thinking about Japan in the world, although no one was thinking like Ryoma. In fact, he did great service to unite Japan without battles and he made great efforts towards the opening of Japan. He made his point and he moved Japan forward ! He hoped the world would be as one, too ! If he was alive now, he would say gI'm an earth man.h

Takeshi and Ryoma spoke their minds. They are the same as rap musicians. Rap musicians do it with their music, Takeshi does with his movies and Ryoma did with his life. I like music, movies and sharing one's opinions and feelings.

My dream is to be a writer. I'm sharing my opinion in English, now. In the future,I want to express my opinions and feelings to many people all over the world with my pen.@Some of you may find my books at a bookstore some day.

(8th Prize in the 55th Contest, 2003)

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