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Year Group-No.
Prize Name Title School(Grade) Prefecture
66th 1-34[ 1] Yagishita Liberty Susukino Middle School (3) Kanagawa
66th 3-24[ 2] Sato Is Your Glass Half-full ? Kobe Kaisei Girls' Middle School (3) Hyogo
66th 4-25[ 3] Toshimasu Opportunity Knocking on My Door Otsuka Middle School (3) Miyazaki
66th 2- 7[ 4] Shibuya Tear Off the Wall Paper Obanazawa Middle School (3) Yamagata
66th 2-30[ 5] Hirano Finding a True Goal Middle School Attached to Ichinoseki Dai-ichi High School (2) Iwate
66th 2- 3[ 6] Yoshimura Positive English Fuji Girls' Middle School (3) Hokkaido
66th 2-24[ 7] Guan Starting Over Taira Dai-ichi Middle School (3) Fukushima
66th 4-24[ 8] Yoshii What I Can Do to Stop Bullying Ikeda Middle School (3) Tokushima
66th 4-32[ 9] Rakhmonalieva My Dream Kashii Dai-ichi Middle School (3) Fukuoka
66th 1-30[10] Kubota The Courage to Change Yoshida Middle School (3) Shizuoka
66th 3-13[11] 3rd Ojima Identities in Languages Kinjo Gakuin Middle School (3) Aichi
66th 3-15[12] Kitayama The Enemy of Speech Kure Takeda Gakuen Takeda Middle School (3) Hiroshima
66th 4-15[13] 6th Yin Do Your Best in Your Given Environment Middle School Attached to Saga University (2) Saga
66th 2-29[14] Yamada Friendly Photographing St. Mary's Girls' Middle School (2) Gifu
66th 4-19[15] Nagahama No TV Day Yokatsumidorigaoka Middle School (2) Okinawa
66th 3-38[16] Wada Time Omi Brotherhood Middle School (2) Shiga
66th 3- 2[17] 1st Suzuki Duty and Humanity Hiroshima Gakuin Middle School (3) Hiroshima
66th 2-34[18] Oshikiri The Beauty of No.2 Kamaishi Middle School (3) Iwate
66th 3-25[19] Matsumoto Japanese Tradition Through Fukumitsuyaki Kume Middle School (3) Tottori
66th 3-39[20] Furuichi Let's Not Play Judge Obayashi Seishin Joshi Gakuin Middle School (3) Hyogo
66th 2-18[21] Abe What Sho-chan Gave Me Sapporo Middle School Attached to Hokkaido University of Education (3) Hokkaido
66th 1-32[22] 2nd Nakajima The Voice Eiko Gakuen Middle School (3) Kanagawa
66th 1-24[23] Nonaka The Ninth Article of the Constitution of Japan Konodai Girls' Middle School (2) Chiba
66th 4- 5[24] 7th Matsumoto Six Years Middle School Attached to Okinawa Shogaku High School (3) Okinawa
66th 4-12[25] Mori The Common Treasures for All Humanity Naze Middle School (1) Kagoshima
66th 1-16[26] 4th Hamada Itadakimasu Hiroo Gakuen Middle School (3) Tokyo
66th 1-19[27] 5th Hotta What's Up ? St.Dominic's Middle School (3) Tokyo
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