Participation Eligibility

Eligible participants are defined as Students Currently Attending a Japanese Junior High School with a Recommendation from the School Principal. Students who have received past education in countries with English as an official language may not be eligible for participation.

For more information, please read the Participation Eligibility Guide.


Speech Contest Rules

  1. No rule limits set for speech topic selection; students must prepare an original speech with their own opinion/assertion and the speech content must be entirely new (previously orated speeches are not accepted)
  2. The time limit is 5 minutes
  3. Microphones (and any other audio-related equipment) are not allowed


Purchasing Contest Memorabilia

At the Prince Takamado Trophy Contest, participants and other related persons can purchase contest memorabilia. A list of all memorabilia can be downloaded here. All persons who wish to purchase memorabilia after the contest has ended must fill out the Memorabilia Post-Application Form (pdf) and send the form to the Prince Takamado Trophy Office via E-mail or FAX.




1-7-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

The Yomiuri Shimbun Building, Prince Takamado Trophy Office

FAX: 03-3217-8358


Purchased contest photos will be shipped in mid-January, purchased DVDs will be shipped in late March.

Please send all inquiries to the Prince Takamado Trophy Office (TEL: 03-0317-8393).


About the All-Japan Junior High School Student Orientation/Get-Together Event

The All-Japan Junior High School Student Orientation/Get-Together Event will be held from the day before the contest begins for a period of four days at the Homeikan Hon-kan in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. All contest participants are invited to take part in many orientation-related/ice-breaking events organized by current JNSA Fund members. These events are a great opportunity for contest participants to interact with their peers and connect with people of various backgrounds.

For more detail on the All-Japan Junior High School Student Orientation/Get-Together Event, please click here.


About the All-Japan Teacher/Educator Conference

Certain members of the judging committee will be invited to give an informal lecture/talk at the Homeikan Morikawa Bek-kan during the contest period. A Q&A session will be organized, and participants are encouraged to actively share opinions with members of the judging committee. All contest-related persons (both parents and teachers) are welcome to participate.

For more detail on the All-Japan Teacher/Educator Conference, please click here.